From Hell to the Ariel

We are honored to announce that our animated short film Ascension has been nominated for the ARIEL (Mexican Academy of Film Award) in the best animated short film category.

The idea of Ascension came from the general feeling of asfixia that living in Mexico City provoked in us. It is such a big place that it can be overwhelming. Apart from the many great things it offers, once in a while it just feels like hell.

The conceptualization of hell city is directly inspired from the Mexican metropolis. An eclectic mix of old and new, expensive and dirt cheap, wonderful and terrible.

There are also elements inspired by World War II, the propaganda, the industrial omnipresence and the color palette of the wardrobe. Hell was conceptualized as a dictatorship, a place of permanent war and oppression where the devils are divided into races, each with their unique purpose and with no hope for redemption.


The main character, Nisroc, disrupts this infernal order when a strange phenomenon infects him with a unique illness, attracting the wrath of every devil he encounters. 

This is our first 3D animated film and because we are live action directors we chose Motion Capture over other techniques to be able to work closely with actors to develop each character. 

Nisroc final copy.JPG

Imagination is a super power. When you start the process of materializing it you can truly appreciate its infinite complexity. It’s been a hell of a ride.