“We DESIGN STORIES and shoot the hell out of them. We are brave, irreverent and straight forward but above all we are FILMMAKERS AT HEART”




Two times nominated for the Mexican Academy of Film. Sam and Davy have showcased their work in more than 100 film festivals around the globe winning prizes for Best Directors, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Short Film among others. 

They have been part of the Berlinale Talents FICG31, Blood Window TV, Young Creators FONCA Residency (Mexican Fund for Culture and Arts) and the Oaxaca Film Lab working with Oscar Award Nominees screenwriters like David and Janette Peoples (Blade Runner and Twelve Monkeys) and Jeremy Pikser (Bulworth).

Shooting in different continents since 2009, they like to collaborate with other international artists from Sydney, Vancouver, Paris and Latin America to get the best out of each project.